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Social Security Life insurance.

In order for workers close to retirement to save money by hiring the whole life insurance policy calculator will give them monthly retirement money, the offer document they filled out to select the pension insurance company was updated. Will tell people which company offers them the best conditions, informed the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System.


It is the product offered by whole life insurance policy calculator to pensioners to administer the accumulated money for retirement; The person transfers the savings generated and the company delivers until a fixed monthly annuity dies, adjusted annually with inflation.

At the time of retirement, workers must choose an whole life insurance policy calculator for the purchase of a life annuity (mandated by law) and there is available evidence that a significant number of pensioners continue to choose insurers that mean lower pensions or higher prices for Institutes of social security.

The document will reflect “clearly (…) what is the best option separated from the others, in order to visually differentiate between an intelligent decision, marked with the symbol of a ‘prize’, and one that is not, understanding that the Consumers react differently depending on the context in which the options are presented to them, “the Consar said.

In addition, the format states that if a worker who is listed under the defined benefit scheme, chooses the cheapest insurer, he will be awarded a “prize” in cash, which will be paid by the institutes, since he chose the best option.

According to the regulatory body of the Afore, about 2,500 workers each year in the defined contribution scheme of the ISSSTE and around 17,500 workers, registered for the defined benefit scheme of the IMSS and ISSSTE, choose an insurer To give them their pension.

Now with the new offer document, which must be signed by workers close to retirement, people will be able to save money, because telling them which is the best option will make better decisions and will also help the Social Security institutes (IMSS) And ISSSTE) also save resources.