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Publish in numerous classes simultaneously, making use of “Predefined Posting Times” with your Robot Answer poster

Social Media Marketing Jobs could become repeated, particularly when you want to submit articles at the fixed time and date.

So that all of us don’t wind up changing into robots, facebook auto poster  provide you publish to pages making use of pre-programmed activities. This way you just need to set up the regular publishing times Just One Time for every profile (If you wish to, you could adjust a plan anytime you wish).

In order to switch on this selection, proceed to Robot Answer dash board and then click “My Account” selection, option: “Social Media Accounts”, you can see towards the top. After that you’ll notice every Facebook categories you have added with the application shown on the display screen. Beside each one, you will see the “Predefined Posting Times” option.

This is how you set every days and times during the week that you need your site content being planned.

Later, when you are back again in the primary screen, when you attend plan your site content, you need to choose “Schedule in the Predetermined Posting Times” in the drop-down selection. When you select this choice, your post will be immediately planned with the first accessible default plan you have create for every accounts.

This can save you plenty of time by not requiring to manually set up time of every publication, neither the time period in between each article, if you have selected more than Five profiles.