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Article Blogging Restrictions

Let me ask you a question: Do you know what Search Engine Optimization is? I would imagine around 80% of Internet Users who have Shopping Carts, WordPress Blogs, Blogger Accounts or, PHPBB / vbulletin Boards Installed on their domains, Internet Marketers and the like would know what SEO is. And without any doubt know how tiresome it can be to get to the first page of the major Search Engines: Google, Yahoo! & MSN for your desired keywords.

Article Directories Have Too Many Restrictions

I haven’t submitted to Article Directories for AGES, I mean like over a year… Huh? Yep, there’s only one Article Directory that I know of that allows you to place more than one link INSIDE your article, while others only allow you to place up to 3 links in your bio-section, and some do not even allow deep linking, or allow you to place affiliate links in your post. Which royally sucks, so I created a network of blogs instead that I post my content to.

Another problem that you might face if you post articles on a regular basis to Article Directories you may find that your article wasn’t approved or your links were removed… Or You may even find that your article takes ages to get indexed… Totally annoying right?

You bet!

So why is it important to have more than one link INSIDE your article?

A SEO technique that Search Engine Optimization Professionals know of is “Link Proximity”. Link Proximity increases the relevancy of your article, thus improves the relevancy of your page that the link points to – but it has to be done a certain way.

To help increase the relevancy of your article even more, we’re going to automatically have links pointing to the article you create as well, building up the importance value, i.e Page Rank. Now don’t get mislead about Page Rank, Page Rank does NOT determine where you rank (although this could be argued, but I have proven this fact many times over and will do so in the videos inside the members area), it’s over rated and it’s just used as a measure of how relevant your pages are in the search engines eyes (if they have eyes that is)…

Facebook Auto Poster is NOT about manipulating the search engines, no Sir.

Facebook Auto Poster simply allows you to free up the tiresome tasks involved to promote in social media sites and to create articles and have them submitted to hundreds, if not thousands of targeted blogs. If you have 10-20 minutes spare a day, then you’re absolutely going to love Article Blog Poster

The more often you create and submit articles to Article Blog Poster, the more articles get re-written, more articles that get created by Article Blog Poster, the more blogs it will post out to.

$297 Worth Of Advanced SEO Technique Videos.

Inside the members area after we launch for real (after beta testing) there will be a video that explains what I am referring to in more detail in regards to Link Proximity, plus you’re going to see more videos with some Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques, valued at $297.00.